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About Glasses for Margie: Doc is a veterinarian whose backyard is filled with animal friends, including Margie the myopic, sniffing skunk.  One day, a mysterious visitor makes a mess and the animals must find the intruder.  Will their adventures lead to more trouble or love at first smell?

About Virginia: Virginia K. White was born in South Dakota, grew up in Nebraska, and later moved to Wyoming and then Colorado.  A high school teacher for 40 years, she taught in Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado.  She graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan and the University of Nebraska.

She describes herself as a late bloomer.  Reading was a challenge for her in elementary school, but she continued to work at it.  “Never Give Up” became her motto.  Eventually she started to bloom.  Reading became easier the longer she worked at it.  Eventually, she found herself devouring as many stories as she could.  Sometimes as a kid she read under her covers with a flashlight when it was “lights out.”  She loved stories!

It was in college that she decided she wanted to write stories for young readers.  She wanted to engage young readers by creating something fun to read and yet teach a little something along the way such as history, science, and the arts.

When Virginia first started teaching, she realized many students struggled with reading and writing more than she had.  She wanted to help those students bloom, so she developed an individualized reading and writing program to allow students to bloom at their own pace.  She eventually introduced the program in three schools.  Virginia believes every kid has a story and it should be heard.  And, it will always be interesting.

Virginia went on to teach AP Literature, read AP exams, and taught AP Institutes for teachers.  She was Teacher of the Year in Wyoming, was awarded Most Positive Influence Shaping Young Honors Students from the University of Wyoming, and selected as English coordinator in two schools.  Her book, Glasses for Margie, was a finalist in the Colorado Authors’ League book contest.  She was recently inducted into the Indie Authors’ Hall of Fame.

She continues to write children’s books, but she has also started a retelling of her great grandmother’s pioneer journey through Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska.  She always has a book to read and a new story to write.

Praise for Glasses for Margie: “This book was great at getting the reader into the lives of the animals in Doc’s backyard.  They each have their personality and traits but also were aware of each other in a positive way.  Of course, Margie is the star and deservedly so.  She is so girly-girl when she gets her glasses and begins to decorate her spot.  There is intrigue when strange noises are heard by the animals in the night.  Who has been coming into the yard?  Ah—that’s the best part. “  —Suzanne Leacox Laws, Loving Grandmother

“I loved this book!  There are numerous teaching moments in this early chapter boo.  I especially enjoyed the word choices.”  — Marinell Neuhaus, elementary educator

“The adorable antics of Margie are a fabulous reminder that initial appearances can be deceiving. Margie and the rest of the farm yard critters are a great team that uses each other’s strengths in order to protect the yard and help it thrive.  The perseverance of both human and critter alike are a great inspiration for kids attempting many solutions to any problem.” – Staci Day, elementary educator

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