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About J. Reese Lasley.

Reese Lasley is an authentic entrepreneur and a Christian author from Denver, CO. He guides people through the journey of attaining a good quality of life. His intention for this book is to help people by giving them the abilities to achieve what they want and live life to the fullest. His motto is “Health, happiness, and prosperity.”

Reese is an excellent teacher because he lives this information. He is the product of what teaches. Let him assist you on your journey to meet what you want and have a joyous life together.

While nearing completion of writing this book, Reese was diagnosed with cancer. This re-accentuated Reese’s mission, purpose, and message of this book: To live life to the fullest from life improvement to Christianity and to career goals.

About the Work

You have incredible gifts and amazing abilities! It is time for you to embrace your abilities to get what you want out of life.

Whatever you want, wants you! So, what do you really want, really? Where do you want to end up? Which door will you take? What abilities do you need to achieve success?

Success, in its fundamental construct, is simple: It is really just getting what you want. In other words, successful people use their abilities to get what they want.

Everybody has their own story, their own journey, and their own abilities. The problem is that many people don’t really know what they want. Of those people who do know what they want, many don’t know why they want it or how to get it — or even believe they can have it.

This book reveals the secrets, step-by-step instructions, lessons and best-practices you will need throughout your personal journey of success. The Abilities defines what you should (and should not) do to be able to reach your desires and ultimately leave a legacy. The book points out how to discover what you want, envision your outcome, and embrace the ladders of your journey while climbing toward your reward. The book can help you accomplish what you want, give back and leave a mark on humanity. This book will help you:

•Realize your abilities
•Achieve success
•Get what you want, from desire to legacy

Use it to the best of your abilities.



Wisdom to live by. No matter what your goals are, think of this book as a modem day “Proverbs.” It’s over flowing with advice, suggestions, and applicable actionable practices on how to act (not react) to any situation. We’re all a combination of the people we surround ourselves with and the books we read. This book is well worth the read and reread. It will help improve your relationship with others as well as with yourself. It covers situations of interacting with others and personal growth. I have no doubt that this is a book that can help people see their own true abilities and utilize those abilities in order to experience life to the fulllest while helping people along the way. I also enjoyed the chapter on kaizen, because even if only 1% of this book is put into practice each day, then you’d easily be 365% improved in one year’s time, which is the very definition of kaizen. – Tim Bearden

The Abilities is easy to read, well thought out and thorough. It is direct and to the point. It seems to be a quick read at first, but I found times when I went deep into thought contemplating my own abilities, some strong and others needing a nudge. “Realize the power within you” is a perfect subtitle. It is a breath of encouragement and accepting oneself for the individual strengths we each have. The format is perfect for the occasional self-worth boost needed when feeling down and discouraged. It too serves as a guidepost of inspiration when pursing a task that may appear challenging or uncomfortable. I applaud J. Reese Lasley for his wisdom, clarity and dedication in writing this book. – Don Awal

Lasley asked the most simple and yet profound question at the beginning of the book, which set the journey of discovering great abilities! I recommend this book for any person no matter what age or walk of life. Such great insight and positive energy. This is definitely a book I will read again and again because I discover something new about myself with each reading. – Tammy Chulick

I know God gives us amazing gifts, but I never considered that so many abilities are already in me. Thanks Reese for sharing this incredibly useful framework reaffirms the abilities I knew I had and helps me exercise those abilities that I was ignoring. Already your guidance has helped improve my life. I want more and can’t wait for the next edition. – Joe Kroog

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