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About the book: Thousands of veterans suffer daily in silence and confusion, oftentimes alone. Many contemplate suicide. The invisible injuries of our current wars have become the “signature wounds” of this generation of combat veterans—leaving these young men and women feeling hopeless, broken and destroyed.

The Miracle Workers of South Boulder Road tells a dramatic story, beginning with a detailed account of how two severely disabled young stroke victims healed themselves using an element that only nature can provide: oxygen. It also tells the story of how these same two men began to help others and, in the process, learned how to render this important treatment therapy to veterans returning home from the Middle East with traumatic brain injuries and related post-traumatic stress.

Shocking, awe-inspiring, and impossible to ignore, The Miracle Workers of South Boulder Road proves that integrating hyperbaric oxygen treatment and professional PTSD counseling techniques promotes healing of these devastating maladies. Lives thought to be lost are saved. Families are reunited. And disabled veterans become productive citizens once more. These miracle workers are healing lives with one of the most successful integrated hyperbaric oxygen treatment and PTSD counseling programs in America…

Note: The Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Institute, begun in 2007, and its nonprofit Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Association for Brain Injuries (Healing Our Heroes 501c3), established in 2008, have treated more than 550 veterans to date. The clinic, now located in Louisville, Colorado, helps both civilians and veterans daily and inspires individuals in the military and healthcare fields to adopt this unique treatment worldwide. It works!

Reviews: “This is a must-read story for all who have served in the Armed Forces or for those who know someone who served. The personal vignettes and interwoven stories provide a foundation for the miracle created by this group of diverse individuals. When you understand the results, they are able to achieve in ‘fixing broken brains,’ then you can appreciate the passion and drive that makes them ‘Miracle Workers.’”  ~ Brigadier General James L. Bauerle, USA (Ret), Veterans Advocate, The Military/Veterans Coalition of Indiana.

“This book gives us a detailed, simple description of successful HBOT therapy that treats and heals Iraq-Afghanistan combat veterans suffering the signature wounds of war. Their unique integration of TBI and PTSD therapies during the same treatment program is commendable and will inspire other veterans and families to seek the same results…”  ~ Dr. Eddie Zant, MD, Medical Director, Hyperbaric Oxygen Medicine Inc., of Florida, Fort Walton Beach-Destin, Florida

About the Authors: Colonel Bob Fischer a Naval Academy graduate and career Marine Corps officer and Grady T. Birdsong a retired Telecom professional both Vietnam War veterans involved in other Marine Corps veteran organizations became motivated to advocate for the clinic in 2010 and write this story of healing. Both authors have an ongoing commitment to veterans of all wars and continue to advocate, inform, educate and raise nonprofit funds for our wounded veterans…

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